About Me

What is Vixit?

About Me

Having had the privilige of experiencing academics and industry from an educational and professional perspective, it was time to integrate those experiences with my core beliefs to live and work in a healthy, postive and sustainable way.


Inflection of vīvō (third-person singular perfect active indicative), (he/she) has lived

Vixit represents my answer to the question:

How do you want to be remembered?

It brings a sense of liveliness and positivity and serves as a constant reminder of the following core values that I have (re)discovered:

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How I Work

Identifying What’s Right for Your Project

Understanding Your Needs

Distilling to the fundamental requirements of your current project.

Transparent Communication

Alignment of the skills and breadth of support you require with experience and availability. Identify overlap and gaps to set smart and strategic partnership goals.

Value in Expanding Experience

It’s not all about what I can offer to you – your project always has something to offer to me, too. Let’s find the win/win scenario.

Positive Collaboration

By communicating authentically and bringing enthusiasm, the goal is to experience positivity from the collaboration on both ends.

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Understanding that your needs in the regulatory and clinical area are highly specific to your organisation’s R&D environment, many projects benefit from a tailored approach. Contact me to find out how I can best accommodate for the services you require and to discuss pricing possibilities.